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Welcome to the Arche des Métiers!

The town of Le Cheylard and its inhabitants boast a unique place in Rhône-Alpes, which they can offer to their visitors and which is a real representation of the current life of companies, how they will evolve, etc. Indeed, the Arche des Métiers restores industry, puts in the spotlight an industrial heritage which is often ignored, enables the next generations to visualise and materialise industrial applications, opens up our region thanks to the discovery of sciences, etc.

The Arche has an educational vocation, as it aims at making knowledge accessible to everyone, and presents to the public an “industrious passion”…
The Communauté de communes du Pays du Cheylard (regrouping 14 town councils of the canton of Le Cheylard) represents the main industrial hub in Ardèche, and therefore had to be recognised. It was already a major industrial hub thanks to its economic decision-makers as well as its exportations and workers all over the world. The Arche is a window on pure industrial culture and it will be the site of the industrial Ardèche.

The Arche des Métiers enables the creation of a pole of excellence, competitiveness and knowledge for all… and gives the opportunity to define industry and economy as a reality for tomorrow.
The diffusion of science to a wider public is an essential condition for the future development of our region. It is a chief issue.

So, I invite you to live this extraordinary adventure and to enter the Arche des Métiers for an unforgettable visit.

Dr Jacques Chabal,
Mayor of Le Cheylard,
President of the Communauté de communes Val'Eyrieux,
Departmental councillor of Ardèche


The Boutières, a rural area… but above all, an industrial one! 

Le Cheylard keeps its cards close to its chest! Indeed, the area of Le Cheylard has emerged as the major industrial hub of the Ardèche, with no less than 2,800 jobs. The local industrial history started in the seventeenth century with silkworm farming and spinning. In the beginning of the nineteenth century, it went on with the tanning industry, which has now disappeared. The textile activity and jewellery appeared in the beginning of the twentieth century. Their technological and commercial leading levels put them today at the highest rank on the European and global markets. More recent, the mechanical engineering industry (materials for bottling commercialised all over the world) and the food-processing industry (mineral waters, fruits packaging) are also very successful.

A place for exchanges and industrial culture 

The Arche des Métiers has the vocation to let people discover the scientific, technical and industrial culture of the Boutières area, and to make it accessible to all. A unique journey to the very heart of the industries that make the value of the area of Le Cheylard and of the Ardèche. The Arche des Métiers is a place where one can learn, share, play and discover all about textile industries, mineral waters, mechanical processes, jewellery and fruits trade. Recreational as well as educational, it presents this industrial know-how through exhibitions, activities, exchanges and meetings.

As more than a simple window on the local industries, the Arche des Métiers pays homage to all those generations who have worked and go on working to keep their territory dynamic, lively, prosperous and successful. All the industries of the Ardèche are concentrated in one spot: the Arche des Métiers!

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