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The Arche des Métiers, a permanent exhibition with unique concept and scenography!


The Arche des Métiers meets all your desires for culture! Do you know that the textile of your car seats is made in Le Cheylard? That fiberglass is woven there and is used for manufacturing your skis, among other things? How has a know-how from Le Cheylard revolutionized the whole champagne method? How is the jewellery of the well-known brands manufactured? How has the bilberry from Chile landed up in your yoghurt? 

The exhibition is named so because of its capability to forge links between several worlds – research, industry, education and our everyday life. Craving for learning? Hunger for curiosity?

Wherever the visitors walk around, they will have the possibility to discover, on two levels, the manufacturing techniques, the production processes, the working conditions, the logistic facilities, the infrastructures, the equipments, etc. Industrial machines in operation, models, games and manipulations to understand the technological mechanisms, films shown, interactive terminals to increase one's knowledge... All the modes of display are intended to make the exhibited technologies more concrete… The visit is driven by numerous background noises (accounts by workers, sound effects telling the atmosphere of the workshops, stories about history or economy).

These museum sections are like a route where every scenario attempts to:

- Explain how a trade changes from a craft industry to a virtuality, then to an industry, from local market to worldwide diffusion.
- Give details of the relations between the technologies and the developments inside the same trade for the same product.
- Tell how passion can lead to the creation of a company.
- Retrace the development of companies and their diversions and accelerations.
- Evoke the unions, the free flow of ideas, the pioneers capable of innovating and taking risks.

In this way, visitors will, among other things, learn the jewellery arts, follow the course of the mineral waters, from the first boreholes to the discovery of the Perrier bottling machine, but also enjoy the amazing journey of the fruits throughout the world…

All this contributes to present the Ardèche region as a land of precursors, initiatives and paradoxes… behind the performances of today and all the new techniques and technologies which constitute the successes of tomorrow.

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